DeLorean Hire

If you need a DeLorean for a corporate event, wedding, TV spot or simply to surprise someone - please email us!

We will find out who is available on that date and put you in contact with the owner.

Just a few guidelines and pointers for posting hire requests for deloreans. Requests can either be emailed to or can be posted on our discussion forum

The forum is free to join and only takes a few minutes to sign up.

To improve your replies please include as much info as is available.

The following are a few suggestions that will hopefully get you a better response.

In the title try to include the following.
Date required (including year --/--/--), general location and if space event type.

Within the post try to include the following.
- Date required
- Back to the future or Standard delorean required. (They both exist here but there are less back to the future cars than standard ones thus the back to the future cars will likely cost more)
- Duration car required for.
- Do you want the car and driver or to drive yourself (note, most owners will not provide a car for others to drive but there are the odd ones out there)
- What it is for (ie, wedding, birthday, photoshoot etc)
- Location - try to be as specific as possible. Not suggesting to public ally post addresses, but general locations such as city name or if larger city general local loction or thereabouts. This means the right owner to the area can reply.
- For photoshoots and public events especially the longer duration ones where the owner may not be present it is also useful to confirm if your able to provide security (for example on overnight events) or where required insurance for the event.
- How many cars do you require (normally only one but if you want more than one state it so that we can speak to other local owners).
- Contact details, if no details are posted it will be presumed to contact you via a PM or by reply. Both are ok but if these don't suit you, provide an alternative. If posting your email, post it as "xxxxx (at) xxxxxxxx" instead of "xxxxx@xxxxxxxx" to help prevent your email being picked up by spammers.

None of these are golden rules, only suggestions to help you out.

Remember also that some owners who will hire their car out are not on the forum so by providing as much info as possible will allow for fellow members who know them to relay the info.

Also remember, these cars are a two seater!