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As the DeLorean was manufactured in Northern Ireland, we have unparalled access to former DMCL employees along with employees of former suppliers to DMCL. They all have very interesting tales to tell, or memorabilia to show from their past association with the DeLorean car.

In this section of the website, we will periodically publish articles capturing these unique insights into the rise and fall of DeLorean Motor Cars, Ltd.

These articles are free to read and download and it is our hope that they will encourage you to visit Ireland in 2011 for Eurofest - the 30th celebrations of the first car built, where you will have the opportunity to meet the faces behind this fascinating history!

Article 1: A History of Lapple and DMC.

Posted July 1st 2010

August Lapple GMBH, situated on the outskirts of Carlow town (about 1 hour from Dublin), manufactured all the stainless steel panels for DMC.

This article is an interview with Michael O'Leary who was the press shop manager in Lapple during the DeLorean days.

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Article 2: DeLorean Sculpture from Vintage Works commissioned by Sean Lynch

Posted Oct 29th 2011

Artist Sean Lynch commissioned coachbuilder Neil McKenzie from Vintage Works to make a sculpture of handmade replica DeLorean bodypanels to feature as part of an art exhibition. This article details how the above panels were hand formed by Neil

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