DeLorean Sculpture from Vintage Works commissioned by Sean Lynch


Hard to believe, but the photograph above is not a collection of 30 year old DeLorean bodypanels!

These are actually hand formed stainless steel replicas, created by a very talented coachbuilder and iron worker, Neil McKenzie from Vintage Works. To see some of Neil's other work, visit his website or on facebook at

These replica panels were commissioned by an Irish artist, Sean Lynch, to be included in an art exhibition he was developing which studies the history of DeLorean Motor Company, specifically in relation to the loss of the original body dies when they were dumped into Ards Bay, Galway after the factory closed. Sean located the dies and even sent divers down to photograph their current condition!

Sean thought how it would be great if one more set of body panels could be somehow formed, to show the DeLorean dream still lives on, 30 years later. So, he got in touch with Neil, and then asked if my car could be used to take measurements from to facilitate the creation of the panels, and the results as you can see are simply spectacular!

Sean's art exhibition is called "DeLorean: Progress Report" and is currently on display at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Sean's website can be found at

Over the next few pages, the process of forming these panels will be described, relying more so on pictures to show the process than text, although some technical comments from Neil will be included along the way!

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